Black Out – 1 Day Contact Lenses

Get the freaky look with these Black Coloured Contacts. These crazy looking coloured contacts are guaranteed to get you noticed. Where them with a costume to really finish of the look or wear them on their own for a real conversation starter. Completely covering your natural eye these coloured contact lenses make you look like you have just walked of a film set. Sold as a pair, Wear for maximum of 8 hours. 45% water content. Packaged in sterile buffered isotonic saline Manufactured in accordance with the EU Cosmetics Directive Produced under ISO International Standards quality control Manufactured in the UK Quality and Comfort, and comes with 1 x lens case. Made from a high quality resin Mesmereyez lens cases are approved to keep your cosmetic lenses safe and clean. Marked “L” for left & “R” for right. All MesmerEyez contact lenses are made from a specially patented Skin Soft material to make the most comfortable contact lenses on the worlds market. – 1 DAY USE ONLY
SKU: INT81001

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